"Slimmer Me" Program Purchase

Congratulations on your decision to purchase this life changing "Reduce Me"& "Slimmer Me" Program.

Start your journey now, you can lose between 3 and 8 kg over the following 14,21 or 28 days to start off your weight loss journey.
You simply apply the programme as it is presented in the download e-books.

You are then on your way to a brighter thinner happier you!

Paying by credit card, Choose your preferred Program from the drop down bar and click "BUY NOW
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Note: Once payment is confirmed from PayPal we will forward your access code by email to claim the E-books download with the complete "Reduce Me/Slimmer Me" program information.
Differring results occur due to the nature of each person's commitment and efforts.
If you have cancer, diabetes, bulimia, heart disease or other serious health problems, this program is not intended for you.

The "Reduce Me/Slimmer Me" program is designed to reduce weight and size fast but should be assessed upon completion - to continue on would require the meal plan to be adjustment and the exercise program will need to be changed to a more challenging program to continue your progress.

Bank Payments

If you prefer to transfer payments in our bank directly our details are :
Fitonez Enterprises ltd
ASB Bank
New Zealand Account Number 12-3287-0106980-00
Please Reference your First name Initial and surname along with the code "BSM"
We also ask that you confirm your payment through email to info@fitonez.co.nz
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