"Slimmer Me" FAQ

How do I make payment and How much is it?

The entire Blackstrapz "Slimmer Me" Program Fitness and Meal Plan for 28 days is only $79.00 NZD , we simply give you a login and password to access the program for you to download and keep.
We accept bank transfer and credit cards through Pay Pal - simply go to the BUY NOW page for the Paypal Option and for the pricing page including bank account details for direct payment Click here .

If I buy What do I get?

You get access to download and keep all the information required for this total 28 day program which outlines food and optional exercises plans for the program. There are 8 down loadable e-books to cover the program which you can print off if you prefer.

How much effort and change will it require- I am very busy?

"I'm just thinking about it" or "I am just too busy at work right now!" really means I'd like to procrastinate some more.
The blunt truth is that you can make time and commit if you really want to change the way you look and feel. And it is only 28 days - anyone can do anything for 21 days and the sooner you start- then sooner you will feel great about yourself again.

Can I plan My meals or are they set?

The program comes with a full 28 day meal plan mapped out,there are however many variations on the basic meals to choose from in the recipes supplied.

Are the foods recommended easy to get and prepare?

Yes all food items are easily found in most supermarkets - its all about healthy choices. Most foods with a shelf life are off the menu (ie not fresh)so there will be some preparation required because it is real food- getting healthy does take effort and there is no magic wand!
But this useful tool will significantly help.

Will I be Hungry following this Program?

No - everyone needs different amounts depending on their size and exercise level but more importantly it is about appropriate planned foods and quantities.

So will I need to cook a meal for myself and a meal for the family?

Not necessarily , the meal plan spells out when you have full meals (which the family will love as well, recipes are provided) and when there is a healthy simple alternative which will be very fast to prepare for yourself separate to the family meal at night. Just remember this is a Low Carb Program so the family can still ada things like breads etc but you will be amazed at what you CAN eat and still lose weight

What Equipment will I need for the optional exercise program?

The program is based on resistance exercises using Suspension Type exercise equipment (such as Blackstrapz Trainers) and also power walking along with the meal plan designed to give you energy when it is needed for these workout days.
However as an added bonus we have included another home workout program that requires no equipment at all so you can get the best of both worlds and mix up your training patterns.

Will I feel sore from the workouts?

Yes very probably - which means you are putting in the effort and will be far more likely to return the desired results.
Muscles that do not get used often will let you know after a workout and usually the exercises you dislike most are the ones you need most!

What if I have a injury- can i still do the program?

If it is an old complaint particularly, then we recommend you talk with your doctor first- as you should prior to starting any new exercise program for the first time. If it is a recent injury then you will know your body best and we suggest you should probably delay starting the program until it is sorted. Just completing the Diet aspect will not give the results that you are capable of and the "Slimmer Me" program can deliver.

Will this Program work for Guys as well as Women?

Yes - Guys will gain similar benefits and will find the exercises challenging as well.
In any case a "couple" using this program together will have much better results usually, because you work together and are accountable to each other.
Guys should also be looking forward to looking good on the beach this summer.

What support do I get?

We are regularly available for live chats by clicking on the tab at bottom left of this website or simply email us for advice during your program.

We hope these FAQ answers some of your possible concerns but if you are still unsure please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your queries.