Slimmer Me 14 & 28 Day Program

Are you feeling shy about uncovering and showing the results of the Christmas"comfort" food!

AND are you constantly-
  • Feel Big and Sluggish
  • Irritable and unmotivated all the time
  • Feel Like you just want to cover up
  • Your weight fluctuates between -
                        "I can't fit my jeans" to "I dont like that I need comfort food daily "!
If this is you then you need to make a change .....
Dont wait til next summer to start weight loss!

In just 14 Days you can see significant changes in your size, fitness, energy and weight loss of between 3kg and 8kg.

Blackstrapz "Slimmer Me" Program
Designed by our In-House Nutritionist, is a complete Weight Loss program including Complete Meal planner/Nutritional guide for 14 or 28 days respectively.
It is very easy to follow-The Entire daily program is Mapped out for you.

This Unique Program was designed by our in-house Nutritionist and is a Low Carb Metabolic program -probably like nothing else you have ever tried before!!

This program maps out EVERYTHING you need to do for the next 14 or 28-Days to be successful, including a detailed optional exercise program outlining the maximum total 3 hours per week of training workouts.
And best of all - the entire exercise program can be done in the privacy of your own home, with no equipment required!!
No need to join a gym ,You can workout in the comfort of your own home or even outside if you wish!
And for those with a Suspension Trainer (such as a Blackstrapz Trainer), an additional bonus 3 more Suspension Training workout programs included

Anyone can do anything for 28 days- with the right goal in mind .... "The Perfect Formula"

This program is not just a food plan, it will be Life changing knowledge and habits that will stick with you for life.
Planned real food and planned optional exercise giving energy when it is needed!

It takes 28 days to form a habit, so after this kick start program, you will find it much easier to continue with your weight loss and fitness goals

Many weight loss programs focus on long drawn out programs of 90 days or more- this lengthy time frame is hard to commit to and may ultimately end in failure.
Where as this 28 day Program is an easy short period of focus and far more achievable for most people.

What you get...
  • "Slimmer Me" Low Carb Lifestyle Hand Book (196 pages)
  • "Slimmer Me" Phase One 96 pages of The Plan & Healthy Tasty Recipes..
  • "Slimmer Me" Phase One 14 day Quick Loss Meal Planner -step by step.
  • "Slimmer Me" Optional 14 Day Home Workout Program
  • "Slimmer Me" Follow up weekly emails with Weightloss tips
  • Phase 2 (included in 28 day program)...
  • "Slimmer Me" Phase Two 14 Day Turbo Boost Meal Planner.
  • "Slimmer Me" Phase Two 14 Day Turbo Boost Guide and Recipes 40 pages.
  • "Slimmer Me" Optional 2nd 14 day Home Workout Program
  • "Slimmer Me" Follow up weekly emails with Weightloss tips

This Program has been designed to fit in with FRESH foods and with local lifestyles in mind.
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