21 Day Slimmer Me Detox Program

Is your body ready for Summer?
Or reached a plateau you can't break through?
Seem to be working out hard without seeing results?
Ready to change your eating habits and learn how to live to get amazing results?

Nodding your head?

Well then this is the nutrition & home workout program for you!

The "Slimmer Me" 21Day Program is dietician approved. It is not a fad diet. This Detox/Nutrition program is designed to help you finally lose that stubborn belly fat by teaching you easy-to-follow, simple healthy habits.

I bet you didn't know that 80-85% of reducing belly fat comes from what we eat?
The "Icing on the cake" (so to speak), 15-20% comes from your exercise program.
This program maps out EVERYTHING you need to do for the next 21-Days to be successful.
No Need to think about it, just do it. You really have no excuses.
Average weight loss is 3-6kg by doing the "Slimmer Me" 21- Day Meal Program, combined with the "Reduce Me" home workout exercise program.

The program will...
  • Learn to workout for the best results possible
  • And is a 100% STRUCTURED MEAL PLAN, teaching you EXACTLY WHAT TO DO, and WHEN to do it.
So your 21days to a new you starts NOW, commit to the next 3 weeks. You can do it.
If given a deadline at work, you would get it done- particularly if your job depended on it. This is no different. This is your body, your Life! No excuses!

  1. Slimmer Me Starter Guide
  2. Slimmer Me Goal Sheet
  3. Slimmer Me 21 Day Meal Plan
  4. Slimmer Me Healthy Recipes
  5. Slimmer Me No Equipment Exercises WEEK 1
  6. Slimmer Me No Equipment Exercises WEEK 2
  7. Slimmer Me No Equipment Exercises WEEK 3


Latest Testimonial:

I loved it, but I eat really healthily anyway. Could be a bit of a struggle if you're an habitual take-away/junk food eater. I have had lots of energy and after the initial 3 days, haven't been hungry at all. Its enough. I struggled for awhile mentally with the portion size, but I think the quality of food was such that I felt full anyway, so stopped worrying about it.
Great Exercises- challenging enough for a beginner, that's for sure. There are a few exercises that I didn't like much, but tried to do them anyway. Easy to do them in your own home which is great.
I am impressed with this programme. I feel well, satisfied, fitter and have lost weight. I will do the regime again, thanks.
Teresa - Wellington NZ